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Why is life so difficult sometimes?

In John 10:10 Jesus tells us that He came to give us an abundant life; but if this life is to be so abundant, how come we suffer so often?  Why is it that things go terribly wrong?  Why do we lose the people we love?  Why do we have to deal with physical pain or weakness? Why do people reject us and treat us so poorly?  Come out to FUEL this Thursday as we talk about suffering and how we can respond to suffering.


Also, the winter retreat is coming up fast.  We leave in less than two weeks!  God has so much in store for this retreat so prepare yourselves to hear from God.  There is still room so feel free to invite your friends.


Spiritual Gifts: Part 2

Hi everyone!  Come out this Thursday to FUEL to hear part two of our mini-series on spiritual gifts.  Now that most of you have taken the spiritual gifts test, it is time to figure out what those gifts mean and how you can use those gifts in the church.  For those of you who couldn’t make it out last week, we’ll have the spiritual gifts tests available this Thursday for you.

The Winter Retreat is coming up fast.  Registration packets were handed out last week and are available at the church.  In order to get our orders in before the retreat for the hoodies, we need the registration packets in by this Thursday, February 2nd.  We want every teenager to come to this event so don’t miss out.

Finally, we are going to be doing a service project this coming Saturday at the Lord of Glory church in Grayslake from 9:30-12:30.  We will be helping out the food pantry to serve the community.  If you have any questions about this service project, contact Johnny at 224-430-0218.

Spiritual Gifts


Hey all!  This Thursday we have a special treat as our own elder Doug Hook will be teaching on his specialty, spiritual gifts.  Have you ever wondered how God may want to use you for His Kingdom?  We know in Scripture that God has gifted all of us and that we are to use those gifts to build up others in the body of Christ.  But what are spiritual gifts and how do we find them?  Come out this week and find out.

A special thanks to all of those who came out last week and helped move things to our new space.  From here on out, we will be meeting at our brand new space which is the office right next to the sanctuary of the church.  Come and see the new space and hear the plans that we have for that space.

Also, don’t forget about the upcoming winter retreat.  Registration packets will be given this Thursday and will also be available at church starting next week.  We would love to see every student at Grace come to this event.  Also, invite your friends, there is plenty of space.

Finally, we have another service opportunity coming up on February 4th with the Lord of Glory Church in Grayslake.  They could use some help with their food pantry and have signed us up to help from 9:30-12:30 that day.  We will give more details this Thursday.

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